Frances E. Wyatt, LCSW     

          “Who am I? What am I doing with my life? I’m feeling stressed and don’t even know why…” – Does this sound familiar to you? I’ve been there, and there are times in my life when I am still figuring this out. If you are ready to explore these questions, feel confident, and take life’s roller coaster head on – then let’s do this! I will help you to slow down, walk through a journey of self-discovery, & give you the tools needed to have the audacity to be yourself.

          I am a mixed southern girl, born and raised in Chattanooga, TN who grew up saying, “honeychild”, “oh, Lord”, and “y’all”. My mom is from Honduras who raised me to speak spanish, dance & sing while we clean, and make tamales. My white paternal grandmother taught me the importance of learning black history, the deliciousness that is homemade banana pudding, & giving back to the community. As with anything in the south, discovering my identity felt complicated.


If you are ready to start healing that anxious brain, explore who you are with confidence, and become who you were destined to be, then we might be the right fit in working together! Get started by requesting your free 15 minute consultation.

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          Professionally, I have experience as a sexual assault crisis counselor, domestic violence shelter relief supervisor, and teaching life skills to individuals who experienced auditory and visual hallucinations. As the owner of The Restorative Journey, LLC, I love holding space for people to heal from past traumas, let go of shame, and be free. In general, I support clients through utilizing a holistic approach. We’ll take a look at your relationships, environment, emotional wellbeing, spiritual health, career, & see how each part is functioning in your life. We’ll discuss life stressors, how to cope, how to be confident in your identity, & lead a peaceful & joyful life.

           I currently provide online individual psychotherapy, walk & talk therapy in the Signal Mtn/Chattanooga area, and am a traditional postpartum doula. To learn about my services & the approaches I use click here:

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