Walk & Talk Nature Therapy 

For those local to the Signal Mtn or Chattanooga, TN area 

Walk & Talk Nature Therapy is exactly what it sounds like – you get to meet with your counselor out in nature, go for a walk, & talk about what’s on your heart & mind.
Benefits of a Walk & Talk session: it’s grounding, being in nature automatically reduces stress, you get to breathe in fresh air, it can be less intimidating to talk about life when you’re not looking someone face to face, it gets you out of the house/office, being outside boosts creativity, & its good for the body, mind, & soul. 
This can also be especially helpful for those who experience social anxiety. You will be supported with a calm counselor by your side, who will gently guide you on how beneficial being yourself can be in public spaces.

I need to be outside more & want to learn more about a Walk & Talk session.


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