The Restorative Journey, LLC

We hold the space for you to heal emotionally & mentally.

It’s a journey, sometimes it’s a hike up a mountain and sometimes it’s a walk in the park.

We are here to be right by your side.

We don’t lead the way, this is YOUR life and YOUR journey.

We are simply honored that you would choose us to walk beside you.

We will be a support, we will listen without judgment, & we will encourage you when it gets tough.

Meet the Team

Frances E. Wyatt

Owner, Holistic Therapist

Availability: Wednesdays – Saturdays, by appointment only
Location: online, Chattanooga & Signal Mtn, TN area
Services offered: individual psychotherapy, traditional postpartum doula, walk & talk therapy

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Jimmy Davis

Biblical Counselor

Availability: Tuesdays & Sundays, by appointment only
Location: online, Chattanooga & Signal Mtn, TN area
Services offered: biblical counseling for individuals, couples, & families

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Carlee Lewis

Administrative Assistant

                 My Name is Carlee Lewis! My mission is to help The Restorative Journey stay organized and run smoothly from behind the scenes. As the Administrative Assistant my goal is to take on the administrative and billing duties, so that our providers can dedicate even more time for clients. Additionally, in the near future, we plan to onboard more therapists, and help with the insurance paneling process. We look forward to being able to serve more clients with different insurance options, and to help other therapists on our team with credentialing. I have a Bachelor of Science in Psychology, so I have always had a deep appreciation for therapy services and all of the help humanity has to gain from it. At The Restorative Journey I aim to treat everyone requiring services as if they were my own family members. Privacy, dignity, and respect will always be at the forefront of every interaction, and I look forward to providing my services!  

Fun facts: I’m obsessed with the color periwinkle, and tardigrades are my favorite extremophile

Learn About Our Services

We want to help you heal from past hurts and pain in order to live a fulfilling & peaceful life. 

Online Therapy

Online psychotherapy for those residing in the states of Tennessee or California.

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Walk & Talk

In person nature therapy & biblical counseling at a local park in the Chattanooga/Signal Mtn area.

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Biblical Counseling

Online biblical counseling for anyone residing in the United States. 

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Text & Phone Line: 423.414.4188